The City of Garland is keeping an updated COVID-19 webpage for all to view and stay informed. Visit the COVID-19 page.   Learn more on how we can overcome the Coronavirus together and view Garland specific resources and data showing maps of higher risk populations. View report here.

Also, check out the different ways you can continue to build community in your neighborhood below our upcoming events and programs.

Highlighted Programs & Upcoming Events

The City of Garland actively engages residents in community partnerships promoting the vitality of our neighborhoods. Our comprehensive approach to neighborhood vitality begins with you. Contact the Office of Neighborhood Vitality to be equipped and empowered to make a difference where you live.

2020 Neighborhood Summit, Saturday, Nov. 7, 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. | Virtual Conference | FREE
Garland Neighborhood Awards
covid-19 Capacity Building Grant
Neighborhood Group Update/Registration

COVID-19 Friendly Community Building Ideas

  1. Virtual Initiatives
  2. Art/Music Initiatives
  3. Lending a Helping Hand

There are several ways to connect virtually with your neighbors. Below are a few suggestions on how to do so. The Office of Neighborhood Vitality has purchased a licensed video conferencing account to assist registered neighborhood groups in meeting virtually. To learn more, email

  • Host a  virtual or front porch bingo. Cards will need to be distributed to participating homes in advance, but these can be delivered while still adhering to social distancing guidelines. 
  • Host a virtual trivia night. Questions can be found using existing board games or online trivia question sites. 
  • Virtual morning coffees! You can determine a topic of discussion, i.e. favorite books, movies,
  • Online yoga/exercise groups, there’s always a fitness trainer somewhere in the neighborhood. 
  • Have a virtual Happy Hour. These can be with any type of food or beverage!

Be sure to take pictures and post them on social media using #GarlandGoodness #GoodNeighbors! 


  • National Good Neighbor Day is Sept. 28! Check out these additional resources below:
  • To stay connected with what is going on in Garland neighborhoods, sign up for our monthly e-newsletter, The Neighborhood Chatter.
  • Interested in knowing what’s going on in your neighborhood? Sign up for Nextdoor! Nextdoor is a free and private social network for neighborhoods. Neighbors can get to know each other, ask questions, seek recommendations and pass on safety tips.
  • Interested in a roasting marshmallows with your neighbors? Check out the guidelines for fire pits and chimeneas (PDF).


On December 15, 2015, Garland City Council approved Resolution Number 10229 adopting updated guidelines to the Neighborhood Vitality Matching Grant. Neighborhood groups, voluntary or mandatory, may apply for matching funds to complete enhancement or beautification projects on public property. View new guidelines and application process.