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Winter Reading Challenge

Dec. 13, 2020 - Jan. 9, 2021

Children ages 0-17 can participate in the Garland Library's Winter Reading Challenge! Complete five hours of reading and two activities in the reading log.  Receive badges if you log your progress in Beanstack.  All participants may pick up a prize bag at any Garland Library after they complete the log.

If you would like to log your reading hours and activities online, visit Beanstack at  

A paper log can be downloaded or picked up at any Garland Library.

You can also log your reading hours in-person or over the phone. Please log all your hours by Jan. 9, 2021.


Build a sensory snowman  

Prepare some cloud dough  

Learn snow writing  

Create a picture using snow paint  

Fold some polar bear origami  

Complete the Lost Snowman escape room

Complete one of the virtual teen programs below in the Teens & Tweens Tutorials tab

Shhh! A Library Podcast

  1. Kid's Tutorials
  2. Teens & Tweens Tutorials
  3. Adult / all ages Tutorials

Art Explorers: Perspective Drawing 

Learn about one point perspective drawing and then make your own holiday road trip perspective drawing.

Turkey Escape Room

Turkey lost his feathers in all the side dishes while the farmer was chasing him on Thanksgiving. Can you solve the puzzles and help Turkey find his feathers?

The words Turkey Escape Room in white on a brown background

Pumpkin Patch Escape Room   

The Garland Public Library welcomes you to our escape room! This escape room was written for children or families, but anyone can participate as a group or an individual. Figure out patterns, navigate mazes, play number games and test your memory! This escape room was written with the help of Maggi Dieker, a librarian at the Garland Central Library. 

The orange words Pumpkin Patch Escape Room on a black background with a pumpkin border

Art Explorers: Geometric Abstraction     

Explorers will learn about different types of art and use creativity to make their own masterpieces. Celebrate Hispanic Artist - Kazuya Sakai, a Japanese-Argentinian Artist and his geometrical form and the use of saturated colors. We will use paper and markers to create our own a colorful art pieces.

Template (PDF)

Art Explorers: Pointillism    

Explorers will learn about different types of art and use creativity to make their own masterpieces.  Pointillism is a painting technique that uses small dots of color to create an image.

Creative Kids - Could You Be a Knight 

Children will get to create their own shields and learn to joust with a pool noodle. Children can register and then pick-up the knight shield at the Central Library (in-person or curbside pickup).  Children can use a pool noodle they already have or some other flexible implement their parents allow them to joust with. Children will learn about historical knights and we will give parents some ideas of other knight themed activities to do at home.

Supplies needed:
Precut Knight Shield
Pool Noodle

The knight shield for Creative Kids will be offered to the first 24 participants to request them.  Call the Central Library at 972-205-2516 to register. Curbside pickup is available.

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12)  Kaleidoscope Fun

Come have some kaleidoscope fun!  Learn how kaleidoscopes work, while creating their own unique design using recycled materials, straws, and mirrored paper.  

Supplies needed:
Recycled toilet paper tubes
Mirror board
Drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)
Coloring tools (markers, crayons, etc.) 

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Creative Creatures

The Children will participate in STEAM activities that involve fairy tale creatures and creatures of their own design.

Flying dragon: Using paper tubes, and their own decoration, the children will create a dragon which will then be placed on two strings. The strings will be used as a lever to help the dragon “fly” up the string.
Pool noodle monsters: children can use their creative side to make a monster of their choosing.

Supplies needed:
Toilet paper rolls
Construction paper
Googly Eyes
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Kawaii Fantasy Creature Comics

Participants will create their own comic strips, and draw fantasy kawaii creatures to go with their comics, using numbers and letters.   Comic strip panels will be printed prior to the program. 

Supplies needed:
Drawing tool (pencil, pen, marker, etc.)
Paper (copy paper or whatever paper)
Images of the creatures being drawn (PDF)
Comic strip panel template (PDF)

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - STEAM Like a Royal

The Little Mermaid wants to look beautiful for her prince. Decorate her tin foil tail with sharpies to make her ready for anything!
Rapunzel has been trapped in her tower all her life! Help her explore the outside world by building her an escape route from her tower!
Snow White is hiding from the Evil Queen at the home of the Seven Dwarves. Create a dwarf beard for Snow White to wear as a disguise! 

Supplies needed:
Construction Paper
Popsicle sticks
Index cards
Pipe cleaners
Tooth picks
Tin foil
Cotton balls

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Dragon Paper Plate Gliders

Participants will create dragon gliders using paper plates to make the wings and the body.  They will then paint their dragons with a combination of watercolor paints and sharpies. 

Supplies needed:
Paper Plates
Dragon template for tracing (PDF)
Drawing/coloring tool (pencil, pen, marker, watercolor paint etc.)

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Fizz! Boom! STEAM: Science of Magic

Use science to learn Magic tricks!  Kids can learn some scientific magic tricks like the floating feather trick and the static can trick. Attendees may then race their cans without touching them, using balloons and the magic of static electricity.

Supplies needed: 
Paper clips
Jumbo Craft Sticks (2)
Electrical tape or other tape that is nicely colored
Aluminum can
Fishing line

Creative Kids (Ages 6-12) - Ancient Greek Vases

Kids ages 6 through 12 can learn some Greek history with a game of Roll and Draw to create an Ancient Greek vase of their own design!  Participants will roll a dice to indicate what to draw, and where, on a shape of an ancient Greek vase.  They will also learn some of the history behind the vases and mythology, and the symbols being drawn on them.  

Supplies needed:
Paper, any kind will do
Drawing tools (e.g. pencil or markers)
Coloring tools (e.g. crayons or markers)
Dice or a dice alternative (e.g. pieces of paper numbered 1 - 6)
Roll-the-dice template (PDF)
  If you don’t have a printer at home, contact the Library about Mobile Printing that you can pickup  curbside!

Be creative! Try making your vase with paint instead of pencils, markers, crayons!

Art Explorers: Magical Agamograph

Art Explorers will create an Agamograph. Agamographs are 3-D art made with two to three images. The participants will create two separate images of fantastical landscapes to make their own Magical Agamograph.

Supplies needed:
4- 8.5 x 11 sheets of cardstock

Art Explorers  (Ages 6-12) - Mythical Creature Mosaics

Draw inspiration from Fairy Tales, Mythology, and Fantasy to make mosaic art using colorful stickers. Create mythical animals like Unicorns, Dragons, Phoenix, Fairies and more. 

Craft Kits will include:
6 x 9 in. mixed media paper with a mythical creature pre-drawn.
1 Sheet of 144 florescent stickers (each sticker - size 0.5 x 0.75 Inches)
1 Instruction Sheet

STEAM Activities at Home: Drawing Animals with Numbers

Need an activity to keep the kids busy while at home? Join Miss Dorothy to learn how to draw animals with numbers!

STEAM Activities at Home: Scratch Art Paper

Need an activity to keep the kids busy while at home? Join Miss Dorothy to learn how to make your very own scratch art paper!

Stomp Rockets

In this tutorial, we will be showing you how to make a rocket and rocket launcher from paper, craft supplies, PVC pipe, and a 2-liter soda bottle that you can take outside and launch.

STEAM Activities at Home: Paper Airplanes

Need an activity to keep the kids busy while at home? Join Miss Dorothy to learn how to build three different types of paper airplanes or gliders before measuring how far they fly!

Origami Fukuyama Rose and Kusudama Flowers

Instructions (PDF)