City of Garland Cultural Arts Division 2022-23 Performing Arts Event Proposals

City of Garland Cultural Arts Division

2022-2023 Performing Arts Event Proposals

The City of Garland Cultural Arts Division (CAD) seeks proposals for performing arts events in its spaces for the 2022-2023 season. These spaces include:

  • Granville Arts Center – Brownlee Auditorium – the largest space at the Arts Center – 720 seat proscenium stage – 40’ x 24’
  • Granville Arts Center – Small Theater – 200 seat proscenium/thrust hybrid
  • Granville Arts Center – Atrium – 6300 sq. ft. open, flexible, multipurpose event venue – up to 350 seats
  • Plaza Theater – 350 seat converted historic movie theater with 28’ x 22’ stage

For more information about the individual spaces, visit: - or come by for a tour.

NOTE: CAD is also very interested in proposals for collaborative events in alternative and neighborhood spaces (e.g., parks, rec. centers, churches, restaurants, coffee houses, cul-de-sacs, warehouses, office buildings, or other public gathering spaces.) We are also interested in nontraditional uses of the Arts Center spaces – e.g., Using the Atrium for a series of cabaret or comedy shows, creating an intimate black-box space on the Brownlee stage, using the lobby or outdoor spaces at the Center, etc.

CAD’s 2022-23 season runs from September 2022 – August 2023

Proposal Deadline: January 24, 2022

Proposals can be submitted by mail or electronically.


This call is open to new and established performing arts organizations, nonprofit and for-profit cultural producers, or individual performing arts creators. Proposals can be for single events or for a season of events. You are free to create your proposal in any format you wish. It is strongly recommended that proposals include at least the following information. The primary goal is to give the review panel and staff a clear idea of what you want to present at the Arts Center.

    • A brief overview of yourself, your organization, the project, and its merits
    • Contact person(s), contact numbers, e-mail, website, etc.
    • Detailed information on the project including scope, location, content, technical needs, time in the space(s), etc. Give a draft schedule of when you would be in the space(s).
    • For script-based works, please include a synopsis of the work or a copy of the script.
  • NOTE: We know that you may not have your show(s) finalized for next year/next season. Please give us as much information as you have. For example:
    • Show 1 – Family-friendly comedy
    • Show 2 – Murder mystery
    • Show 3 – New musical by Texas playwright & composer OR
    • Concert 1 – Norteño concert for Dia de los Muertos
    • Concert 2 – Rock/Indie local Garland musicians
    • Concert 3 – Gospel choir
  • Preferred date(s) for the project(s) and information on date flexibility. Include both dates you prefer and dates that will not work.
  • What education, audience development, and/or outreach components are part of the planned project(s), if any?
  • Will the project include any of the following? Fire, animals, nudity, firearms, explosives, material unsuitable for children, food, liquid, stage blood, etc. (None of these will disqualify your project—we just need to know about them.)

And, very importantly:

  • How will this project serve the residents of and visitors to Garland?
  • How will this project attract new audiences to the Arts Center or the alternative location?
  • How will this project address goals in the Garland Cultural Arts Plan?


  • Are you a 501(c) 3 nonprofit corporation?
  • What is your Mission Statement, and how does this production further it?
  • How is your company uniquely qualified to produce this project?
  • Does the producing company hold liability insurance? With whom?


  • Is this event open to the general public?
  • How will you market this event?
  • What is your marketing/press strategy?
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What are your ticket prices?
  • What programs will you have in place to address patrons for whom the ticket price may be a barrier?
  • Would you be willing to provide the CAD with up to 10 complimentary tickets to the event(s)? The CAD staff will use these tickets for City staff, special guests, and VIPs.


  • List some of the past productions by you or your company (include reviews, photos, etc.) and tell us about your future projects. How do you see the company growing in the next five years?


  • What funding have you sought and/or received? Are you actively engaged in seeking other funding?
  • Please include a high-level approximate budget for the project, including where the expected funding for the project will come from.
  • Please be aware that there are rental charges and other fees associated with the usage of the Granville Arts Center spaces. Rental waivers and funding support may be available to certain projects that closely align with and support the Cultural Arts Plan.


  • Include supporting information, such as photos, reviews, videos, etc. Anything that helps the panel understand your organization and your project.


A Review Panel composed of local arts professionals, Cultural Arts Commissioners, and staff members of the CAD will review and rate all the submitted proposals. Information about the panelists will be evaluated to ensure that no conflicts of interest exist.

Staff will assign dates in the CAD calendar based on their panel ratings, support of the goals of the Cultural Arts Plan, consideration of the overall programming season, and mission of the Cultural Arts Division. Priority scheduling will be given to established

Affiliate and Associate organizations and projects currently being funded by the Garland Cultural Arts Commission. We expect this process will be complete in the early spring of 2022.

Proposals will be rated on:

• The artistic merit of the proposal

• The overall fit within the Cultural Arts Division’s season of diverse programming that serves, enriches, and entertains the residents of and visitors to Garland

• The contribution the project makes to the arts ecosystem in the City of Garland and the arts community in general

• How well the audiences will be engaged in an authentic and meaningful cultural activity

• Projects that support one or more of the Cultural Plan goals

• Projects that explore, celebrate, inform, or otherwise showcase the diverse neighborhoods, cultures, or communities of Garland

• Uniqueness of project

• Scheduling flexibility and demand on the staff and facility

• The creativity, innovation, uniqueness, or interest of the project

• How this project will help realize the mission of your company

• Past experience with projects at the Granville Arts Center, or in other locations, that demonstrates the quality and professionalism of the projects

More Information about the Garland Cultural Arts Plan

The Vision of the Cultural Arts Plan

Garland’s cultural arts sector grows from strong community foundations and provides residents and visitors access to creative experiences and expression.

The City of Garland strives to build a reputation as a regional cultural destination, be a training ground for all forms of creative expression, and nurture collaborative partnerships grounded in diversity, family, and youth.

The Goals of the Cultural Arts Plan

  1. Provide experiences in both neighborhoods AND downtown for residents and visitors
  2. Grow opportunities for youth
  3. Celebrate and support Garland’s diversity and heritage
  4. Support and attract artists and creatives of all types
  5. Foster collaborations and partnerships

The entire Cultural Arts Plan can be read here:

Please Mail / Deliver proposals to

Granville Arts Center

Attn: Season Proposals

300 North 5th Street

Garland, TX 75040

Or email your materials to:

If you have any questions, need more information, or want to have your proposal reviewed before the deadline, please do not hesitate to contact David Fisher, Cultural Arts Director, at 972-205-2789 or