How to Read Your Electric Meter

Your electric meter measures the amount of electricity you use in kilowatt-hours. Some electric meters display numbers digitally and some have dials. For either type of meter, you can determine usage for a period of time by subtracting your previous reading from the new reading.

5 Dial and 4 Dial MeterReading Meters with Dials

The dials on your meter turn to track electric usage as electric current enters your home through the meter. Most meters have five dials, while some have four. Every other dial moves counterclockwise. The reading for the five-dial meter would be 15,964. The reading for the four-dial meter below would be 5,964.

When the pointer is between two numbers, you should record the lower of the two numbers. When the pointer is directly on a number, look at the dial to the immediate right. If the pointer on the right-Digital Electric Meterside dial has passed "0," then write down the number the pointer is on. If the pointer on the right-side dial has not passed "0," write down the next lowest number on the dial you are recording.

Reading Meters with Numbers Digitally

Digital meters display the kilowatt-hours. In this display, the kilowatt hour consumption is 84416.

What Does a Water Meter Look Like & Reading a Water Meter

The City uses several brands of water meters. All have a meter register that looks very much like the odometer in your car, and have six or seven digits to read. The meter readings are read in tens, hundreds or thousands of gallons. The billing system is programmed to take these meter readings and calculateWater Meter the correct water usage in thousands of gallons.

This meter reads 56350. Please notice that the far right zero is fixed and does not move.

The long skinny needle moves around the face, completing one revolution every 10 gallons. The small six pointed red star is called a leak detector. It will move if you have a very small leak. Sometimes the movement is jerky and you might have to watch it for a few minutes. One of the best ways to check for a leak using your meter is to turn off everything in the house. Write down all of the numbers. Wait as long as you can without using any water, perhaps while you are at work. Then read it again. If there is any change you have a leak.

Meter Access Needed

The electronic-read water and electric meters installed by the City of Garland allow for remote meter reading each month. This means that meter readers do not physically access each of these meters monthly. However, City employees need to access the meters from time to time.

Please help us by making sure we can reach your electric meter and by keeping your water meter lid free from grass and other vegetation.